Sarah Umberger

Private Road Bill Passes in NH

“Many times, in the past buyers have called about properties they want to view and potentially buy, only to find out that a financing option was not available due to the fact the access is on a private road. We have informed the sellers a solution which is to get everyone on the road to sign a joint maintenance agreement. This would state who would take care of the plowing, and general upkeep of the common road, and the financial responsibility. This document would need to be recorded and run with the property deed. The problem is not everyone is willing to do that, after all, why put yourself on the hook for this expense if your neighbor is willing to plow for free because that individual has a truck and plow?”

Dealing with Bugs in Your Rental Unit

So here’s something no one wants to talk about, - ever. Not in Property Management, not at a family dinner, and definitely not on a first date. Creepy crawlers in the night that bite!

It’s a common trait to itch with all bugs and mites. Some leave rashes. Most are very common; I remember getting lice in 5th grade from my cousin at our family camp because we used the same pillows and didn’t wash the pillow cases between stays. Most bugs and mites need a human host to survive and only live 36-72 hours on their own.

Requirements of a Landlord

Several Months ago a young man came into our office looking for a new rental. He said the place he was renting had given him a rash and bed bugs were found in the mattress and room. After he told the Landlord he was given an alcohol spray bottle. This is an inadequate move as a Property Manager as It is our responsibility to provide a clean and habitable place as a dwelling. In New Hampshire (and every other state) we have the Law of Warranty of Habitability. This means the Landlord/Owner/Property Manager must provide the following:

Gnarly Basement

I bought a fixer-upper house with more than 20+ years worth of junk in the basement. None of it was mine. None of it was cleared out even after giving the occupants an extra 60 days to dispose of garbage and clean out their stuff. It was the absolute grossest and most disgusting thing I’ve had to do thus far as a homeowner. I’m not even going to post pictures of what it looked like (or what it currently looks like) and it’s probably the bravest thing I’ve ever done- DIY Gnarly Basement Cleanout Project.

Room Shares


It’s winter in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and in Lincoln New Hampshire the seasonal buzz has begun. Thanksgiving week skiers experienced 21” of snow at Loon Mountain and according to the calendar it’s not officially winter yet!  Not only snow piles up in winter there are lots of other cold weather expenses too, such as: snow [...]

Short Term Rentals

What is a short term rental? Why are there so many fees attached to a reservation?

An increasingly popular way to travel in the United States is by the week or month when going on vacations or adventures. Why wouldn’t you if you had the time and resources? Unfortunately these getaways do not fall into long term rentals or seasonal rentals. Any stay less than 6 months at a property is technically considered to be a short term rental (STR) and they have some laws and rules of their own.

Subleasing the Smart Way

Imagine getting a knock on the door at night, “police, open up!” It’s not your property and you rent from a local owner. You give the owner a call but he’s standing right behind the police. The owner is being fined because there has been a report of illegal [...]

What is an Escrow account

Listen up first time home buyers or home owners- there’s a funny word I want to talk to you about. Escrow.

As Ice Cube states in one of his songs: 

You punks is petty, still we steady, countin' fetti

I'm the one closin' escrow, with the best flow

Closing an escrow account can happen after the sale of a property. It is an account held by a [...]


Thank You for not Smoking

Recently asks: I am a smoker and I’ve been turned down twice because I smoke even though I only smoke outside. Isn’t that discrimination?

Answer: In a word, no. It is not discrimination. Don’t get too fired up about not being able to find a place to rent because you’re a smoker. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 can’t help you on this one. This [...]