How The Heck Does A Quarter Share Work

Hi Mr & Mrs Quarter - share Buyer... let me run down how this ownership works.

I get inquiries almost every day on these Quarter-share condos most buyers think it is full ownership...and love the price ($12,000 to $48,000)

 In fact the 13 weeks are spread out every fourth week from your start would be buying a deeded property for week A,B,C or D 4 owners...own you pay a condo fee for everything: weekly cleaning, utilities, pool, recreation, insurance, plowing, cable tv..Etc

Since 4 weeks would be 28 days you will see how your time will move by 2 or 3 days each month assuring that you will be able to hit every possible holiday over 4 years... if week "A" was January 1st-through the morning of the 8th...Your next week would be January 29th -Feb 6th
and so on. The weeks run Friday Through Friday, and you have to Check out before Cleaning can be done for the next owner checking -in after 3pm. You can give the rental program...or RCI (exchange company) the weeks you want to give up, and receive rent or the option to use other units

in this program all over the world, at any future booked time you wish (doesn't have to be the same week you give up). Hope this helps... We have units from one bedrooms all the way up to 3 bedrooms and 3 baths on the river, or on the Lake currently at Deer Park.

 These have access to a 30,000 Square foot Recreation center,   beach, tennis courts and offer Ski shuttle to Loon mountain in the   winter as well.

 Let me know if you wish to view a warned, they are   only available during the turn over of owners (generally) on   Fridays. Other times are hit or miss to show, as the seller only   owns one out of 4 weeks...that means 75% of the time someone   else is staying there and they don't have to accommodate a   showing. 




Photo is of Rec Facility