Franconia, NH 03580

Franconia, New Hampshire

The town sits on a rich iron deposit, and the region once produced pig iron and bar iron for farm tools and cast iron ware. As of the census of 2000, there were 924 people, 384 households, and 243 families residing in the town. The population density was 14.0 people per square mile. There were 702 housing units at an average density of 10.7 per square mile. 

Robert Frost and Bode Miller are a few of the Notable people of Franconia New Hampshire. Seeking relief from hay fever, Robert Frost first discovered the Franconia area of the White Mountains. He brought his family and they fell in love with the area. The Frosts first rented rooms from the Irish farmer John Lynch in the late summer of 1907 outside of Bethlehem, N.H. read more  One of New Hampshire's finest ski racers was brought up in the beautiful area of Fraanconia. Bode Miller an World Cup alpine ski racer was born in 1977. He is considered one of the greatest World Cup racers of all time with 33 victories and a huge inspiration to the young aspiring ski racer of the U.S. 

Franconia, NH 03580 Franconia, NH 03580 Franconia, NH 03580

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