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What is an Escrow account

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Listen up first time home buyers or home owners- there’s a funny word I want to talk to you about. Escrow.

As Ice Cube states in one of his songs: 

You punks is petty, still we steady, countin' fetti

I'm the one closin' escrow, with the best flow

Closing an escrow account can happen after the sale of a property. It is an account held by a [...]


Equity Builder Program

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Buying your first home can be emotionally and financially challenging. With rising home prices, limited inventory, down-payment requirements and upfront closing costs, it’s enough to overwhelm someone right out of the process.  In New Hampshire some local banks recognize how difficult entering the housing market can be and able to offer some [...]

Waterville Estate Skiing

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Waterville Estates ski area is enjoying a great year!  Yes you heard it  Waterville Estate ski area is enjoying a great year. The expanded ski lodge, bar, and entertainment area has been a huge hit with the Association members and the public. With upcoming snow good grooming the conditions look fantastic for this weekend. The ski lodge is [...]