Featured White Mountain Businesses

Benton's Sugar Shack

The Benton Family has been making maple syrup for five generations. You might say it’s in our blood!  When the sugar house was moved to its current location in 1983 from Millbrook Road, it began as a place to sell our syrup. With more traffic and visitors on the main road, we decided to turn the family farm into a ski touring center and added a place where folks could sit and eat a small meal before skiing. We served hotdogs, hamburgers, chili, homemade soups and Ma’s famous baked beans and the basic Pancake Platter.  To keep up with the growing demand of loyal customers who were less to ski and more to eat, we added our dining room addition in 1999, and the rest is history!

Mo the Clown

Mo Fun, the artist formerly known as Mo The Clown, is a Balloon Buffoon!

What does that mean? He is irrepressible, a New Hampshire balloon artist, balloon sculptor, balloon twister, deco twister, fool and so much more!

Mo the Clown rarely performs in makeup anymore. He has found that circus clowns adopted larger than normal features to be understood from the distant seats, where they could be seen, but maybe not heard. Those characteristics can be overwhelming in a closer setting.

As the circus clown look appeared more often in day to day life its failures spawned quite a bit of Bad Clown media to fuel the imagination. Coulrophobia, the abnormal or exaggerated fear of painted clown faces and other bizarre attire (Santa, the Easter Bunny), is a common specific phobia in America today.

Boomerang Consignment Furniture and Funky Stuff

Boomerang Used Furniture & Funky Stuff, Ltd., is owned and operated by members and is run as a cooperative. Their goal is to use their collective knowledge to provide customers with excellent quality household furniture, antiques, gifts and accessories at an affordable price. New inventory arrives daily through valued consignors and members. Looking for something special? Let them know and they’ll put it on their Wish List and contact you when an item meeting your needs comes in.

Linwood Veterinary Clinic

Proudly serving the White Mountains Region since 2012, Linwood Veterinary Clinic is nestled right off Exit 33 in Lincoln, New Hampshire. Our 2,200 SF medical facility features a large newly revamped reception area, two exam rooms, two in-patient suites (one for canines, the other for felines), a surgical suite, and a spacious treatment area.

Fadden's General Store & Maple Syrup

The Fadden Family like many early settlers of the early 1800’s harvested maple sap and produced syrup and sugar for their own use or to trade for supplies.  It wasn’t until the 1930’s that they got down to producing maple products in a big way when they acquired a commercial maple syrup production. Always striving to produce top quality maple products, their efforts over the decades have been rewarded with many blue ribbons at various fairs, four previous Carlisle Trophies and a Governor’s Cup for the best male syrup in North America. With this year’s award, the Fadden Family has won the Carlisle Trophy five times.

Squam Lake MarketPlace

Local, unique products & a friendly smile, that’s what you’ll find at the Squam Lake MarketPlace in Holderness, NH. Formerly known as the Holderness General Store, the shop was renovated and reopened in 2012 by the crew at the Squam Lake Inn.

The Squam Lake restaurant and marketplace has evolved into a community staple. They offer local foods, one of a kind provisions, prepared foods, sandwiches and so much more to locals and visitors alike. The five seat counter and outdoor picnic tables, where you’re likely to see a friendly face, is a perfect spot to enjoy a latte, their Voted NH Best BLT, or their popular ice cream sandwiches.

The Dam Brewhouse

The Dam Brewhouse, LLC is the only brewery that has YOUR beer on tap!   They pride themselves on making and drinking the beer our Dam Brewhouse Family wants to drink. They know they have your favorite beer on tap, because they made it just for you.  Become a member of The Dam Brewhouse Family and let them make your favorite craft beer.

The Country Ladybug Greenhouse

Named for the little bug that most experienced gardeners recognize as good gardening pest control The Country Lady Bug Greenhouse located in Campton, NH opened in April, 2009.

Greenhouse owners, Sharon and Bob Davis, have been avid gardeners for as long as they can remember.  For Sharon, owning her own greenhouse has been a long sought after dream for many years.  After a successful career as a paralegal then serving in the banking industry, Sharon launched her dream and spent over a year with some very intense preparation to prepare the greenhouse for a 2009 spring opening.  She could not have done it without the hard work of her husband Bob and their son Tom.

Pub 32

Located in the last plaza before Loon Mountain you’ll find a myriad of businesses and one restaurant and bar that’s a well-kept secret, Pub 32.  Mark Morris has operated the business in Lincoln for over 5 years and prides his establishment on a fun, casual atmosphere open to everyone from all walks of life.

Their menu feature’s homemade pizza, panini sandwiches, chicken wings and so much more. Along with 5 beers on tap, a great craft beer selection and cocktails, they have a bar that’s open late on the weekends. And they even offer a shuttle service – you really can’t beat that!

The restaurant offers table service in a friendly cozy atmosphere as well as outdoor seating in the summer. Come on in catch the game, grab a beer or just call for take-out. You won’t be disappointed. Contact them at https://pub32nh.com/, (603) 745-3231.

RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain

For 69 years, the town of Lincoln, NH thrived on the paper mill but once they filed bankruptcy and closed their doors in 1971 the massive building was abandoned; left to fair the weather and deteriorate over time. For decades to follow the abandoned paper mill sat in the center of Lincoln, it was a reminder of a prosperous past and challenging future.

Fast forward to 2016 and an extraordinary resort, the RiverWalk Resort is built on the site of the abandoned paper mill. Set at the base of South Peak at Loon Mountain, it commands attention with its bright white exterior and stunning red roof. The seven story building stands as the highest building north of Concord; a size and grandeur aimed at rivaling such North Country grand resorts as the Omni Mount Washington and the Balsams.

Black Mountain Burger and La Vista Restaurant

In the heart of the White Mountains in Lincoln, NH you’ll find two extraordinary eateries; Black Mountain Burger and La Vista both owned and operated by Hermann and Kellee Pfeuti.

La Vista Italian Cuisine Restaurant is located in the brand new "RiverWalk Grand Hotel at Loon Mountain Resort" in Lincoln NH.  La Vista is able to accommodate up to 120 patrons with more seats on the covered deck overlooking the pools and river.  The main bar features 18 seats and the wood-fired pizza bar features 8 seats with both offering a different atmosphere.  The main dining offers a pergola with booth seating in addition to two other seating areas large enough to accommodate multi-family reservations just perfect for enjoying their Italian cuisine.

Windy Ridge Orchard

Windy Ridge Orchard and Christmas Tree Farm, located in North Haverhill, NH is celebrating 50 years as a family destination for local friends and visitors. The family-owned and operated orchard is open for blueberry picking in July and August and apple picking late August through early October. 

Encore Thrift Store

The shop serves some key purposes; not only do they sell gently used clothing and household goods, they utilize the funds to provide financial support to Loon Mountain Ministries who then utilizes the funds to assist community members in need. Most recently Loon Mountain Ministries, led by Marcus Corey, collaborated with several other local organizations to create The Bridge ProjectThe Bridge Project's mission is "To strengthen our community by bridging those in need with the resources for positive life changes." 

Live A Little Fitness

Live a Little Fitness is a funky movement boutique with a laid-back feel was co-founded in 2014 by Margarita Dufresne and located in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire! They offer a movement experience for adults and kids aiming to inspire everyone to burn off self doubt and be the strongest version of themselves. They create strong adults and kids who thrive in life and play outside.

Hobo & Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad

The Hobo Railroad in Lincoln, NH and the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad in Meredith and Weirs Beach, NH share something in common, 54 miles of historic railroad track between Tilton, NH and Lincoln, NH that dates back to the late 1800’s – a period in time when President Grover Cleveland resided in the White House, trains were pulled by steam locomotives and steam-powered cars were all the rage.

Alpine Adventures

From humble beginnings as a Snowmobile Tour Operator in 1997, Alpine Adventures has grown to be an innovative and unique outdoor adventure company that is widely known for its superior customer service, safety, and engaging year-round activities. Their goal is to help their guests take a time-out from their hectic lives and create lasting memories with friends and family.

Jean's Playhouse

estled next to the new RiverWalk Resort and behind the local grocery store, live performance theatre is alive and well at Jean's Playhouse in Lincoln, NH.

Formed in 1986 as North Country Center for the Arts, the organization transformed the paper mill in Lincoln (the former industrial center of the community, officially closed since 1980) into the Papermill Theatre, and produced its first professional mainstage season in 1987.  Productions of the inaugural season included Carnival, Harvey, Deathtrap, and  Cabaret.