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Deer Creek Farm

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Deer Creek FarmFor Heidi Hawkensen Uhlman, owner of Deer Creek Farm, horses have been an outlet to her since she was 13 years old. She has attended over 10 sanctioned dressage shows and horse trials per summer and that has become a way of life for her.  She was also a competitive Alpine Ski racer in the winter with the same intense schedule through her adolescence years until she graduated from Plymouth State College and started riding full time year-round since the age of 25; competing mostly down south in North Carolina, Florida, and Kentucky.  She met her husband in 1997 and married in 2003 in Thornton NH where they reside with their daughter Paige.

At Deer Creek Farm they have the amenities to care for all horses whether it be the high-end sport horse or the dedicated recreational rider. They welcome all levels and are proud to be a professionally run family farm.  Heidi’s husband Parker does all the haying on the farm and she manages the barn while riding and teaching too. They have one daughter who is working very hard to grow up and be in the barn as well.

In their groom stall area they have two stalls next to each other for grooming and tacking up.  Each stall has double end snap cross ties Deer Creek Farmand rubber mats.  They try to accommodate all riders by supplying them with every comfort. In the winter months they close the middle part of barn and it is heated to 50 degrees which feels like a heat wave. Their tack room is always more than enough room for everybody’s personal space.  Each rider is supplied with two bridle racks per horse and two saddle racks and one space for your tack trunk. 
They also have our washer and dryer room.  These are provided so that riders do not have to take their smelly saddle pads and blankets home with them in order to clean them.  The washer machine is hooked to hot and cold water as well so that blankets can be cleaned properly.  It makes horse laundry very convenient time wise and saves money for those who must go to a laundromat.  They don’t mind the extra energy because the farm has “gone green” with their new “skyline wind turbine.”  They also provide Sirius Radio to listen to your favorite stations in all parts of the barn.

Deer Creek FarmThe stall area has a broad aisle for safely passing horses through. The paddocks stretch down through the property and each one is 400’x 125’.  The fencing is Kentucky four board fencing with 7” southern pine posts set every six feet for a sturdy attractive fence line.  They also have electric wire on the inside boards and top rails.  Every paddock has eight-foot gates and Nelson automatic waters that are heated in the winter.  They have ten paddocks, so space is not an issue on the 160-acre farm.  Each stall is 12x12 with rubber mats and 4’ doors.  Each stall has a window with metal bars and the inside aisle does as well.  The stalls are fit for the top FEI horses.

They own over 160 acres of land at Deer Creek Farm and can promise privacy when out riding your horse.  No unexpected intrusions of dogs chasing your horses or hunters popping up.  They own and control all the trails and fields at Deer Creek Farm.  

For more information contact them at (603) 236-1571, or visit their website


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