Eight Rules of Guest Etiquette

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Living in a small town in Northern NH can certainly have more than a few  surprises, whether it’s a power outage from a storm, or a seemingly random visit from a neighbor. In the season and month of giving it’s important for us to stop and reflect on how to be better neighbors, respectful guests, and or considerate friends. Characters run rampant particularly around the shorter daylight days and holiday season.

It doesn't matters where we live on this vast planet of ours, or what our traditions are, male, female or economic status, the beauty of it is that we all come from different places and backgrounds with different upbringings, with that said, there’s no excuse for bad behavior as a guest in someone’s home, place of business or in your home. I must admit I was a bit of a wild child in my family and I’ve broken nearly every rule and social etiquette at some point in my life, more