Advice from a Landlady

In Who's Name?


QUESTION: NWhipple asked, Should I put the utilities in my name or should they remain in the landlords name and why.


Thanks NWhipple this is a good question. Tenants should put electric and other utilities in their name whenever possible. 

This prevents any future confusion...

Advice from a Landlady

Looking For or Renting Out?


“Sup dawg! WYD?”

Dude, can you hook me up with a crash-pad?”

“I swear I’m fun/responsible/friendly/not-an-axe-murderer.”

These are all terrible ways to introduce yourself when looking for a property to rent. When you’re looking for a rental, or renting your place out, it’s really an interview process.  Don’t show up smelling like a seedy bar that you were in the night before. Handshakes and eye contact are important. Put on some clean clothes, brush your hair and teeth and make sure to use your real first name and stay away from slang.

In November I wrote about some etiquette tips and tricks ?