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It’s winter in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and in Lincoln New Hampshire the seasonal buzz has begun. Thanksgiving week skiers experienced 21” of snow at Loon Mountain and according to the calendar it’s not officially winter yet!  Not only snow piles up in winter there are lots of other cold weather expenses too, such as: snow tires, snow plowing, added oil for heat, home maintenance, and It’s the time to stock up on staples such as food, batteries, and  candles. One of the items often overlooked is if there is enough money in the bank to prepare for whatever Mother Nature brings our way. For that reason alone many vacation owners and second home owners turn to renting out their properties, to put their empty properties to work for them. The return on your investment will allow for a better night’s sleep assuring you have more money in the bank.

A new project I’m currently working on is renting out a 5 bedroom 3 bathroom property for the owner, by the room with a 6 month leases. This is called Shared Living; you see it a lot on Craig’s List, European Hostels and around urban areas in the US. It’s a win/win because tenants who don’t have roommates or know people in the area have the opportunity to affordably live with like-minded folks, and the homeowner will make more money than a standard seasonal lease in a property that has more than 1 unit.

The idea of a share is communal yet private; typically these Room Shares have shared living areas like kitchens and appliances, living room spaces, parking spots and recreation or outdoor areas. But your room is yours and typically has a lock on it to protect occupant’s belongings. If you like making new friends but want your own space for sleeping, this is a great option for you. Currently I have two bunk rooms left in a Shared Living property.  If this sounds like a fit for you give me a call or email me at, 603.745.3601.

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