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In Who's Name?

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QUESTION: NWhipple asked, Should I put the utilities in my name or should they remain in the landlords name and why.


Thanks NWhipple this is a good question. Tenants should put electric and other utilities in their name whenever possible. 

This prevents any future confusion...

Advice from a Landlady

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Looking For or Renting Out?


“Sup dawg! WYD?”

Dude, can you hook me up with a crash-pad?”

“I swear I’m fun/responsible/friendly/not-an-axe-murderer.”

These are all terrible ways to introduce yourself when looking for a property to rent. When you’re looking for a rental, or renting your place out, it’s really an interview process.  Don’t show up smelling like a seedy bar that you were in the night before. Handshakes and eye contact are important. Put on some clean clothes, brush your hair and teeth and make sure to use your real first name and stay away from slang.

In November I wrote about some etiquette tips and tricks ?

How The Heck Does A Quarter Share Work

Hi Mr & Mrs Quarter - share Buyer... let me run down how this ownership works.

I get inquiries almost every day on these Quarter-share condos most buyers think it is full ownership...and love the price ($12,000 to $48,000).

In fact the 13 weeks are spread out every fourth week from your start would be buying a deeded property for week A,B,C or D 4 owners...

What went wrong with my Mortgage Discharge

A Title defect can take many forms, for this entry we will focus on an improper discharge. When a mortgage is paid off, the lender issues a discharge which then has to be put on record to let the world know the loan on that particular property has been satisfied and no further payments are being sought. Sounds easy and it should be…what could go wrong you ask?

1) The discharge is not recorded in the county the property resides in

2) The discharge goes to the mortgagor after payoff but never is recorded

3) The lender (bank) is purchased, is then folded in to a new bank and when they receive the payoff balance of the loan they issue an improper discharge.


Lets talk more about case #3… big banks are gobbling up smaller banks as of late and one of the casualties is an improper discharge that is recorded at the registry of deeds. How does that happen? The next buyer / owner hires a title company (or real estate attorney) and  read more here

Home Safety

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Home Safety

“The Safety of the People shall be the Highest Law” -Cicero

Being a new homeowner can be as daunting as it is exciting. Especially if you have selected a fixer upper project as your first adventure in home ownership. But the benefits of owning a home and building equity in a property can vastly outweigh the difficult moments spent on repairs and renovations.

Living and owning a home in today’s techy times can be a benefit to you as a homeowner. There are many affordable options for home security and cameras can be installed easily connecting right to your cellphone via WiFi. These are the ones I recently ordered from Amazon, under $200 and easy to install:   to read more