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Skiing enthusiasts will tell you

When trying to acquire a rental or purchase the best location at a ski resort a few things come in to play as every mountain has its own character.

#1) Does being the closest to the mountain mean you have to have a huge budget?

#2) Is finding a property were the first building was built as the ski area was being developed a better option?

#3) Or will we have to settle for a tiny space or an old dog to get that location…RIGHT??

Buyers are attracted to the combination of high-quality skiing, year-round use, good restaurants and an active downtown.

While it’s one thing to decide where to spend a weekend to go downhill or cross country, deciding where to buy a ski home is a much harder decision and takes a ton of research to find your perfect retreat.

All three problems can be solved by one spot that was developed 35 years after all the neighbors were built. How can this be? The land developer went back to the town 35 years after laying out the master plan with one last cul-de-sac… that wasn’t on the map, and obtained the approval to sell a couple of lots….for more information on specific property or visit my ARblog

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