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HOW do I win the bid on the property I really Want

The seller doesn’t care if you have to bring more money to closing!          

The appraisal can be arbitrary if you need “a” loan and you want the property.   

I realize I will get some flack from the appraisers who will read my post, but let me tell you where the above statement comes from.

I am selling a 3 bedroom condominium, and share what I believe to be the best three comparable closed sales with my seller as we discuss an offer.

We make our counter based on these closed sales, and even share them with the buyers’ broker as support for our position (he agrees with the comps).

The buyer accepts and we meet the appraiser about 2 weeks later. Naturally we share the comps of the exact same floor plan built in the same year, and at the same square footage as the subject property.

Fast forward 3 more weeks (5 weeks into our deal) the appraisal came in $15,000 low than the agreed upon selling price. How is that possible when we shared the comps? The appraiser didn’t use any of the comps we gave them… they used 3 two bedroom condos on the same street and not the 3 three bedroom condos one street over. The appraiser argues these are the closest sales in proximity to the subject, well that might be true but they are not comparable in size or features and wouldn’t change the appraisal. The lender also stands with the appraiser, “NOW” the buyer is trying to get a reduced selling price based off the appraisal report, and the seller is upset. My seller doesn’t want to wait for a new appraiser, doesn’t want to extend the closing, and has made plans for the proceeds.

Based on the facts presented the buyer feels he is going to pay fair market value at the time he made the offer. However Mr. appraiser has come up with an arbitrary value the seller and I don’t agree due to the facts presented.

Here after when my sellers are looking at any offer with financing, I'm going to suggest the acceptable term is:  the loan amount is what is made available by the lender. This is the buyers’ lender and therefore their appraiser. My sellers should not be held hostage by vendors who are not a party to the contract.

Want to win the bid but need a loan? Make the financing terms at available rates and terms… not a percentage of the selling price.

Would like to see properties, I'm happy to help! 


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