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Increase Value by Simply Decreasing Clutter

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Increase Value by Decreasing Clutter
You want to maximize the listing price of your New Hampshire home and reduce the number of days its on the market without spending money on upgrades? I dont know about you but Im all about saving money so if youre like me this is what you do; completely de-clutter the entire house and the best part is that, its FREE!

Your task is to selectively purge anything and everything, such as family photos, toys and overflowing closets that could distract buyers from seeing the features of the home. Heres a list, broken down by the areas in and around your home, to help you in this process:


  • Neatly store all lawn and garden tools (rakes, shovels, lawn mowers, etc.)
  • Roll up the garden hose near the house, or store it in a shed or garage
  • Clear any items from the front exterior entrance and walkway
  • Keep the lawn mowed, dead-head flowers, and trim bushes/hedges


  • Keep towels and potholders in a drawer
  • Store small appliances (toaster, blender, crock pot, etc.) in a cupboard
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer
  • Organize under the kitchen sink, its a sought-after storage space
  • Clear the front of the refrigerator; remove photos, magnets, etc.
  • Keep the pantry organized and no more than 75% full

Living Room

  • Clear out stacks of magazines and newspapers
  • Edit your bookshelves, keeping only a few books and organizing them by size
  • Pare down throw pillows
  • Remove table displays or accessories
  • Put away all family photos, so the buyers can envision their family in the home


  • Box up and store or donate off-season apparel and remove extra hangers for a spacious, streamlined look
  • Wash comforters, duvets, and quilts
  • Clear dressers and nightstands of personal items, leaving only a bedside lamp and perhaps a clock


  • Remove items from the countertop and store them elsewhere
  • Move all prescription drugs to a child-safe area
  • Find a temporary home for jewelry and perfume
  • Pack away all but one change of linens to create an airy look in linen closets
  • Organize under the sink and toss any items you dont use


  • File or shred old papers
  • Clear off the desk
  • Put away any personal mail or documents


  • Limit the number of toys you keep out
  • Stash them in an attractive bin when they're not being used

Laundry Room

  • Cleaning products should be stored neatly
  • Keep floors and appliances spotless

Decluttering can greatly affect the overall impression a buyer has on your house, so prior to each showing perform a walk-through and do the following:

  • Make all the beds
  • Wipe down counters and furniture.
  • Vacuum all rugs
  • Spot clean high-traffic rooms, such as the living room and kitchen
  • Ensure bathrooms are clean and toilet seats are down
  • Empty all trash cans

The process of de-cluttering isnt about purging your belongings; its about preparing the space for sale. In the process youll make your future move more efficient, since you wont be transporting or storing items you no longer want or need. Donate the items that in good shape you no longer need or want to a shelter or hospital. You'll feel great and in some cases you can write it off on your taxed as a charitable contribution. I see that as win win.

If you have a special charitable organization you would like others to know about write me or share it in the comments sections.�


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