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Living In the White Mountains of New Hampshire

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Clarks Trading PostYou’ll never quite get over just how beautiful the White Mountains of New Hampshire are.  The changes in the landscape in a true four-season environment are nothing short of magical, the views will literally make you weep. It is a true outdoor wonderland, and even if you’re not into outdoor activities, the scenery you take in on a daily basis is reason enough to want to call this area home.

You’ll definitely feel safe and sound in NH; According to the US Institute for Economics and Peace, New Hampshire ranks No. 3 in “Safest States to Live” (behind only Maine and Vermont) Basically, if you're looking for a comfortable, cozy place to settle down, NH is your best bet!

New Hampshire is the third healthiest state in the nation and is ranked first for health care quality. So, if you're looking for a place to breathe easy, NH is the place for you.

You haven’t been hiking until you’ve hit the trails in NH. This is, by far, the best place to hike in New England. It boasts 48 mountains with peaks higher than 4,000 feet, access to the Appalachian Trail, and numerous trails of various distances and difficulties throughout the state. If you're headed this way, you better enjoy the altitude!

I guarantee you've never seen a trading post like Clark's - Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln, NH is perhaps home to the only Trained Bear Show in the Northeast. Plus, it's home to the White Mountain Central Railroad. When you feel like watching a trained bear show and stocking up on railroad memorabilia and antique goods, Clark's Trading Post is where you’ll want to be!

Not a covered bridge geek? New Hampshire just might make you one; fifty-four of the remaining 750 covered bridges in all of the US are located in NH. Each bridge is unique to its town and design. Because of their beauty and the history behind them, covered bridges became the first type of historic structures specifically protected by state law in NH.

The Flume Gorge in Lincoln, is by far one of the most magnificent sites in the state. The Flume is a natural granite gorge extending 800 feet at the base of Mount Liberty. Its towering granite walls rise to a spectacular height of 90 feet! This stunning natural wonder will leave you breathless as you walk the path to the Flume and back. You'll walk among giant, moss-covered granite walls, past cascading waterfalls, historic covered bridges, glacial boulders and more.

Whether you are seeking to call NH your full-time home or seasonal retreat, there’s something for everyone to love about the area and there’s no doubt you won’t be disappointed.


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