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Private Road Bill Passes in NH

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NH Capitol BuildingThis is great news for consumers!

“Many times, in the past buyers have called about properties they want to view and potentially buy, only to find out that a financing option was not available due to the fact the access is on a private road. We have informed the sellers a solution which is to get everyone on the road to sign a joint maintenance agreement. This would state who would take care of the plowing, and general upkeep of the common road, and the financial responsibility. This document would need to be recorded and run with the property deed. The problem is not everyone is willing to do that, after all, why put yourself on the hook for this expense if your neighbor is willing to plow for free because that individual has a truck and plow?”

Part of being a Realtor and in the National Association of Realtors is having access to news that affects our communities and states as well as sharing that information with our clients and to other community members. The New Hampshire Board of Realtors inform us of legislative updates because it benefits all of us. One way of helping is to arm our buyers with knowledge which will help with purchase and or sale properties as well as, loans for places that might have once before been impossible to get or finance.

Realtors take an oath swearing and stating to a large group of colleagues and professionals, “I pledge myself to protect the individual right of real estate and to widen the opportunity to enjoy it”. Widening the opportunity includes legislative reviews that prohibit or make buying property more difficult for people- this is probably due to the needs and desire to increase NH residents joy of owning real estate of their own. I’m  aware of  Hulu commercials constantly highlighting the benefit of hiring a local NH expert when considering buying or selling a home. It couldn’t be more true- having a trusted, experienced professional can make or break your home buying or selling experience.

Did you know we take 15 credits every two years to keep up on updates and information in our ever-changing world of Real Estate? Shortly I’ll be celebrating my first year as a Realtor (happy year one!) and I have already been able to learn a lot from my Broker, my local firm, and I’m always continuing my education. Another part of our pledge is “to seek better to represent my clients by building my knowledge and competence” so that is how you know your local Realtors are competent and knowledgeable- because we must continue to be!

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