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Deed Restrictions a Blessing or a Curse

Deed RestrictionsDeed restrictions and covenants in New Hampshire – good or bad- ask the expert?

Many subdivisions have strict by-laws to prevent owners from pitching a tent on their site and camping out. This Covenant comes in the form of “no” a temporary shelters provision. One step further we often see no mobile homes, or a minimum square footage requirement. These guidelines were intended to ensure a homogeneous design and value of homes in a given neighborhood. They were and are still a good idea in most cases.

With the advent of tiny homes, and the idea of lowering one’s carbon footprint some (many homeowner associations don’t allow clothes lines for example) of these deed restrictions make certain subdivisions unsuitable for the new environmental-friendly buyers. That may offer an opportunity for a landowner thinking about completing a subdivision.

As a Realtor I have served on several subdivision boards and walked them through the town approval process… I personally would like to see less restriction required when filing for approvals. But at the same time no restrictions can lead to major heart aches between abutters.

I can think of a scenario where we assume people will do what is best for their neighbors, and you will quickly understand not everyone sees a vintage muscle car in parts as a lifestyle choice that doesn’t affect the house next door from selling at top dollar. So maybe not allowing unregistered vehicle on the property is still a good restriction to keep on your deeds.

If you are looking to build a tiny home, a mansion, or a new subdivision in New Hampshire give me a call and let’s talk about your best options.

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