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Determining When to offer the Full Listing Price

Yankee values may have starHow Much to Offerted on the east coast and being frugal has its place at the grocery store or car dealership, but not always when it comes to real estate. While there’s real estate for sale everywhere, the search for a great deal is not unique to one geographic area in the United States of America - but there are limits.

Is it time to stop thinking you should always be offering less than asking price?

  1. When that home is the only one in a location (street, subdivision, waterfront, view, town, etc.) that meets all your requirements.
  2. When building the same home on a similar site would cost you much more due to today’s labor and material costs.
  3. When you can afford the price it’s currently listed and feel it’s a good value for the property and you know for certain the next buyer will see that too.
  4. When minor cosmetic updates will make this house the home you always dreamed of.
  5. When the market is improving to the point when you think what this will be worth in one, three, five years from now…. And it’s a no-brainer.

When one of these 5 statements are true, make an offer at asking price minus standard closing costs, subject to inspections and bank approval, when 2 or 3 are try pay the asking price subject to inspections only…. If 4 or 5 of these items are true for the home…. Be prepared to by it with no conditions or perhaps over the asking price. Pay the Piper and enjoy the beautiful music in your new home!

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