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Mo the Clown

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Mo the ClownMo Fun, the artist formerly known as Mo The Clown, is a Balloon Buffoon!

What does that mean? He is irrepressible, a New Hampshire balloon artist, balloon sculptor, balloon twister, deco twister, fool and so much more!

Mo the Clown rarely performs in makeup anymore. He has found that circus clowns adopted larger than normal features to be understood from the distant seats, where they could be seen, but maybe not heard. Those characteristics can be overwhelming in a closer setting.

As the circus clown look appeared more often in day to day life its failures spawned quite a bit of Bad Clown media to fuel the imagination. Coulrophobia, the abnormal or exaggerated fear of painted clown faces and other bizarre attire (Santa, the Easter Bunny), is a common specific phobia in America today.

 Here’s what he’s learned: 

  • Clowning has nothing to do with make up.
  • Clowning is the act of solving problems uniquely while being observed by others.

Think: I Love Lucy - Lucy Ricardo is a great clown.

Balloon Buffoonery

Mo’s unique problem solving often displays itself by producing the balloon sculpture you need, even though you didn’t know you needed a balloon.

To appease the business side of his career, most of his performance time has been in larger settings: events or businesses that can Mo the Clowncomfortably absorb hours of his presence.

 Mo presents humor and balloons in an appropriate setting by creating balloon sculptures as your ambassador of good will. Balloons can transform any area into a themed space. He enjoys creating larger or more complex balloon sculptures, built on site or delivered. You can get darned near anything you want.

Believe it or not, Mo is also a Justice of the Peace in NH and actually performs weddings. A marriage of balloon bufoonery and Wedding officiantry begets weddings with a twist. Will many of your wedding guests be meeting for the first time? Want a great ice breaker? Balloon Festoon the guests at your wedding before the ceremony! The irreverent Mo can give them something in common: laughter at themselves and each other. The wedding photos will certainly be colorful!  It’s your wedding; do the ceremony your way: Silly? Simple? Sedate?

What interests you? A pleasant guy in a shirt and tie? Mo The Clown in make up? Somewhere in between? Your ceremony can be performed anywhere we can get to in New Hampshire.

Mo the clown

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