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AHEAD's First Time Homebuyer Preparation

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Affordable Housing Education And DevelopmentAre you thinking about buying home? Have you been doing your research? Are you overwhelmed yet? The homebuying world can be an intimidating place, especially for first-time buyers. But rest assured there are professionals at every turn that can help you through the process.

Not sure about financing, talk to a lender. Wondering how the negotiation process works, talk to a Realtor. Confused about the closing process, talk to an attorney or closing agent. Curious about the condition of a home, find a home inspector. I could go on and on but instead of chasing down all these professionals, take the easy way out, get educated on the entire process in just one place.  We are extremely fortunate in Northern NH to have access to an amazing non-profit, Affordable Housing, Education And Development (AHEAD).

AHEAD has been focused on Affordable Housing for 29 years and has been providing education to first time homebuyers for just over 20 years. Their First Time Homebuyer workshops (in-person or virtual) will cover everything you need to know from establishing your first household budget to maintaining your home after the sale and a whole lot of stuff in between!

We learn an awful lot in high school and even college, but no one teaches us those basic financial skills like budgeting and managing credit and AHEAD fills that gap.  They have trained, certified staff that can answer all your questions about the homebuying process and they have partners in the field they can connect you with for further guidance.

It’s a one-stop shop to get you into your first home, give them a call at (603) 444-1377 or visit them online,, to start your homebuying process today. The next virtual homebuyer workshop will be held on Saturday October 17th.