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Creating a Home Office

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Home OfficeIf you are one of the thousands of employees who are now working from home here are some suggestions in getting a home office space established. First off, you will need tools that boost efficiency, comfort, and pleasure to make any work-from-home assignment better. If you want to be productive and professional when working from home, you must create a home office that matches your aspirations. Here are the most important criteria for creating a home office that you will want to use. Follow these tips to save yourself time and remove the stress of having a poorly planned home office before you begin working from home full time.

  • Plan how much space you need including deciding how much privacy and quiet are needed and whether it is best to have a room or if a nook would suffice. Good options are a finished basement with some natural light or for empty nesters, a grown child’s former bedroom, even a large hallway or walk-in closet can be outfitted.

  • Ensure you have strong Wi-Fi, which might mean getting a signal booster.

  • Choose a desk that fits you and meets your workspace needs. Select a standard 29- to 30-inch-high desk or table large enough for a laptop or two and a spread of papers. Some prefer a standing or adjustable desk.

  • You will be spending many hours daily in your home office so pair the desk with an ergonomic chair with adjustable arms, seat height and tilt, and lumbar support. With casters, it will move easily over wood or carpet.

  • Illuminate a work area with several layers of light, natural light is preferable, but you will also want an overhead fixture with a halogen bulb to reduce shadows, a task lamp so eyes do not become strained and a softer lamp light of incandescent or warm LED bulbs.

  • Consider how many electrical outlets you will need for laptops, printers, and other devices.

  • Do not forget containers to organize pencils, pens, and markers.

  • Try to control noise. No door? Make a sign that says, “Quiet Please.”

  • For web calls, be sure you have a backdrop, such as a well-organized bookshelf that looks professional.

  • Get into a regular routine for meals and snacks so you do not head for the kitchen every time you need a break.

  • t’s vital that you advise family and friends that working from home means work. Do not allow people to pop in and out of your office to chat or visit, and do not give in to people who want to ask something quick. Make it clear that you do not have the time. Be tough and stay tough.

  • Place your printer close enough so that you can reach it easily, and that applies to all office supplies as well. make sure that you keep an eye on supply levels, so you do not find yourself low on paper or ink in the middle of a deadline. Store manuals or handbooks close by too if you refer to them regularly.

  • Set working hours for yourself and stick to them. Self-regulation is essential to success when you work from home.

Being productive and successful when you work from home takes a change in mindset. You can no longer rely on colleagues and management to motivate you. You must motivate yourself. Creating a home office that is practical and comfortable together with self-regulation and intention will transform you into a successful professional in no time.

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