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JDB - Bishop Creative Themed Lighting

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Beach ThemeDuring these difficult times when many people are losing their jobs or getting hours cut there has been some significant activity on the exceedingly small end of small businesses – micro-businesses you might say.

In the fall of 2019, a Lincoln couple attended the local craft fair and with their love for bears swooped up a decorative solar light with bears on it. They proudly took it home and it has been displayed on their porch ever since.  After walking passed it several times a day for about a year, they decided the craft itself did not look too hard to replicate and could be done with any theme, not just bears. So, for Christmas 2020 they made 6 different themed lights and gave them as gifts. The response from the recipients was overwhelming and they were encouraged to make them available for sale. The husband-and-wife team decided to give it a whirl and starting in 2021 they began offering custom themed lights available for sale to the public.

The process for making the lights is two-phase, first you must buy the wood, cut it to each individual length, screw the wood together and Gnome Theme then add decorative rope. Then comes the fun part, finding miniatures to go with each theme. Depending on the theme it can take some creative digging to find just the right miniatures to tie the whole theme together. As a start-up the husband-and-wife team have limited their creations only locally as the cost to ship them would be quite hefty but at some point, they may add this as an option to expand their market.

If you’re interested in seeing their creations, visit their Facebook page, or contact them at

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