Blog :: 08-2019

Featured Business: Clark's Trading Post

For 90 years the Clarks family has been entertaining visitors from all over the world.  Their now famous Trained Bears attraction began in 1928 when Ed Clark opened his Eskimo Sled Dog Ranch and two years later added New Hampshire black bears to attract tourists. It wasn’t long before Ed and his sons, Ed and Murray, realized the bears could be trained so in 1949 the first Clark’s Bear Show  began and hasn’t stopped yet.

Selling a Home When It's Time to Go Back to School

New England temperatures are cooling down and we switch from vacation mode, trips to the beach and care-free living to settling into our children's school schedules, new jobs or perhaps empty nest living.  Take this opportunity to assess your current housing situation and should your thoughts turn to selling your current home then now is best time to start planning rather than later. To determine the best time to put your home on the market you may wish to contact your local real estate agent. He or she will help you with strategies to get the highest and best sales price. And speaking of agents, it’s strongly suggested to interview a few Realtors, experience and personalities are important to determine who will be the most successful in coordinating your transaction. Click here for some questions to ask when choosing a Realtor to list your property with.